Stories and testimonials

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Jason Hervey

I remember when you were finishing up grad school. You were living in Durham and working in wake forest. You drove back and forth everyday teaching and coaching. You also had an AAU travel team. All while doing so you were helping me through grad school. You would make sure to help me with my work. Also you made sure to assist your travel team and be a full time teacher. Multi-tasking and helping all those people including myself is one time you were at your best. The mark you left on so many people and how you were able to always maintain those responsibilities is something I will never forget.

Jason C. Hervey

Hilton Epps

You have an innate ability to motivate people and drive them towards putting forth their best efforts. When the Arena Racing project was first
being put together and I had no idea how to get the ball rolling after the first presentation we gave, you had a meeting with the leaders of certain aspects of the project and explained that you had the utmost faith in us. You provided us, me and Jose in particular, with the drive necessary to push through and develop new ideas to attract people to the event. I can personally say that the trust you had in me to give me such a huge responsibility when it came to the project truly inspired me to try my hardest to make sure the event was a success. Few people in my life have ever motivated me to the degree that you have and showed me the benefit of putting forth my best at all times.

You have an ability to be extremely understanding and supportive. When I came to you for advice about the progress of my high school career in my junior year you took me aside and showed that you understood what I was going through. You offered to be there with advice and help with whatever I needed and it really stuck with me. I feel like I can always come to you with anything and you’ll definitely try to help me. You also provided me with the confidence in myself that was necessary for me to get to the college level. You told me that I was ready for the college level when I really felt like that wasn’t and, as a result of your support; I am doing well in college now.

You have the special ability for organization when it comes to projects and things of that nature. When your class first met for the introduction of the Arena Racing project you immediately laid out a basic plan of attack that correlated with a timeline that would have us working up until about 2 weeks before the actual event to get everything together and then tighten up certain things along the way. I was able to work and move effortlessly from each part of the project and it really paid off when it came to crunch time. Your ability for organization definitely helped the Arena Racing project become a success and it showed me the benefit of organization in not only business but in everyday life.

Tranelle Pollard

You possess all of the qualities of a good friend. While in college, I remember when I was initiated into my Sorority. After our march up the hill, you noticed that I had split my dress all the way up the back. Instead of laughing at me, you quickly ran up to me and placed your jacket around my waist so that no one else would notice. From that moment on, I knew that you would be one of my closest college friends. You walked me to my dorm room to ensure that no one else saw. What could have been a very embarrassing moment for me, you turned into a comical situation. I remember you saying, “You were so excited, you came out of your clothes”. That immediately brought a calming over my spirit. Your personality is one that is contagious. Everyone is attracted to your gentle
spirit and kind heart. I am proud to call you my friend.

Thomas Peay

You are great gift to the younger generation. I recall the time when you just began coaching at Reaching Your Goals Academy in Raleigh, North Carolina. I came up from Florida to catch up with you for a few days. Your team had entered in their first major tournament. The team was in a critical game towards the end .They were down by 10 with little time left. They were able to win that game overtime. The look on the faces of the team and the parents. You really touched each and every one of them. The team finally realized why you put them through the hard work and the reward of what you were preparing them for. Mr.
Kimble you were able to trigger that effect and they responded off of something that could not see or hear. Your words to them were”the window of opportunity is small, when it opens you have to be able to climb through it “

Best Regards,
Thomas Peay

Tawana Watson

One of the most memorable events that I saw you as a stand out teacher and I know you know you were too with organizing the Arena Racing Event. In the last eight years that I have been with Henrico High School never has a teacher been able to pull together a diverse group of students and put on an exceptional event. It takes a very organized and dedicated person that can persevere and stick to a project to its inception to the end. You were an exceptional negotiator in getting organizations to help sponsor the event and therefore was able to have the event come together.

You were a great motivator to the students to get the project started and completed. You also gave the students the opportunity to become leaders and market an idea where they were able to be creative and show their talents by creating their own rap and video to promote the event. You gave students the opportunity to be proud of themselves and the school to have pride in what our students can do.

Dr. Felicia Campbell Young

From a colleague: You recognize the importance of lending a helping hand. I think of the time when I was a new teacher to the district and I literally felt like a fish out of water at my new place of employment. I was floundering trying to find answers to millions of questions, trying to acclimate myself to an atmosphere on my own because everyone was seemed so busy trying to fulfill their own agendas that finding the time to help a new member of the team was simply not the norm…until I met you. If I asked you answered, if you were busy you paused to entertain my question, if I was stressed you simply realigned my perspective and reminded me that everything was simply going to be okay. You were open and demonstrated on a regular basis what teamwork meant and that was why I nominated you to receive the award for going above and beyond.

From a friend: You motivate. I myself was an athlete for my entire life and I had the privilege of watching you work with the basketball team. You not only coached the team, I watched you inspire tirelessly. I am reminded of how you would work all day, conduct study hall for the team because you believe in giving your best on the basketball court but first in the classroom. I don’t even know if you were aware of how effective your time as a coach really was but if only you were in my class to overhear the great things that were said about you from the players that were also in my class.

Nancy Ross

You are very creative in opening up lines of communication and getting people to listen. When confronted with a situation, you address the issue by utilizing your knowledge base of problem-solving, networking, and marketing to achieve a greater good. I saw these attributes exemplified when you became the coach for the girls’ basketball team at Henrico High (I think). You knew the team lost more games than they won. The girl’s on the team possessed a defeatist attitude, lack of enthusiasm, and definitely lack of team spirit. Financial support and school spirit was minimum, to say the least. You knew change had to take place. However, what the team and others did not know was that you are a person of passion, purposefulness, and possessing a plan. You opened up lines of
communication with Administrative staff. You gained the input and suggestions from other interested parties, parents, teachers, and students.

At the same time you were teaching techniques of basketball to the girls; you were rebuilding positive self-esteem through acknowledging each girls talents and skills to the game of basketball. You listened, asked questions, opened an atmosphere of positive dialogue reflecting on the girls love for the game, team dynamics, and that winning is an outcome of their abilities and skill. What was most powerful, you reached out into the community. You knew the importance of community involvement and support. You and your team walked the streets introducing yourselves to businesses and selling your program. You all distributed flyers, left school paraphernalia and developed an appeal letter for financial support. In the letter you gave business owners an incentive to want to help financially. In return for their support they received advertisement at the games. What A Plan!! The team did not win the championship; however, they won more games, attendance at games increased, and there was more community interest and support.

As your Godmother, I have known you for many years and have watched you grow into a fine man of integrity, respect, well educated, a role model, and a man of faith. You are a man who did not let his past define his future. There were many struggles in your early childhood development and some very traumatic. You did not have good study habits and evident with a grade point average of a “D” in early high school (smile). College was questionable unless you improved your grades. What did you do? You graduated from high school with honors. You informed everyone that you were going to St. Paul’s College to continue your education. You graduated from college with honors, achieved academic awards, held leadership positions in school organizations, and became Mr. St. Paul’s College. You did not stop. You went on to further your education by receiving a Master’s Degree (with honors) from North Carolina Central University.

Brandon, you are a man of determination, drive, and ambition. Continue working to master your own environment and destiny. To you, knowledge is power and you live and demonstrate that in your everyday life.

Kenneth Robinson

      At His Best, Mr. Brandon Kimble
I had the opportunity to observe Mr. Brandon Kimble at his best when I observed him coaching his boys’ basketball team on a Thursday night. I observed Mr. Kimble clam under pressure, supportive and enthusiastic throughout the entire game. I have had the opportunity to know Mr. Kimble for about 6 years both personally and professional and on that Thursday night I was introduced to the professional and passionate coach Kimble as I heard his players refer to him. I watched in amazement that how the free spirited, jokester became this totally different person to me since I had never seen Mr. Kimble in his element of coaching and inspiring young player’s girls at that. As I observed Mr. Kimble pay close attention to his players every move and his passion of how they performed even after a mistake Mr. Kimble never let them see his enthusiasm wavier. As the game went on Mr. Kimble’s team charged on after beginning down by 5 or 6 points. I watched as Mr. Kimble rallied and sparked a run of point’s steals and excitement in a group that looked for a while that they had given up but with all the encouragement and energy Mr. Kimble displayed it was passed on from him into his players. I was truly in a state of amazement and
admiration of Mr. Kimble’s ability to will his team to victory with his knowledge of basketball his ability to inspire his players and his unwavering encouragement to his team. This is when I observed Coach Kimble at his best.

Kimberly Roselle

My reflection is the time you took the initiative to train the FBLA members of the Dinwiddie Middle School. In spite of your own after school activities and responsibilities, you unselfishly gave of yourself to assist the students. Your training helped them with policy and procedures, the voting process, the importance of following the agenda and how to always keep a professional demeanor. If was quite evident during their very first meeting, that your time, training and talent was very effective. The meeting went very well and the students conducting themselves professionally. I am so glad to be on the same team.

Alan Richie

A fellow teacher, here at Dinwiddie Middle School, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Mr. Kimble in the Career and Technical Education department. One thing I noticed from my initial meeting with Mr. Kimble was a genuine concern for others along with a natural unintimidating confidence. These two admirable characteristics have served Mr. Kimble well coming into a new school system with all of the nuances and adjustments one must make to be a team player. In talking with Mr. Kimble you are aware that he has a plan and an infectious discipline in the way he carries himself and conducts his classes. As department chairman of our CTE department, I know firsthand the positive influence Mr. Kimble has had on his students and faculty alike. The students are benefitting enormously from Mr. Kimble’s leadership and instruction and he is a role model for them. Mr. Kimble is definitely an asset to our school.

A.B.Richie/CTE/Ag.Ed./Dinwiddie Middle School

Hollis Creecy

Over the years I have had many experiences with Mr. Kimble. I have worked with him mentoring and coaching high school athletes. His desire to help, encourage, and support the student-athletes has and remains unwavering. He without reluctance or hesitation times time to ensure that those kids understand commitment and enthusiasm necessary to compete be forge success. I can recall specifically when Brandon was injured himself, him not missing practice sessions or work at school in efforts to assist and ensure the students did not miss opportunities. He felt responsible in his role as coach and teacher that he put his own help and well-being second to be certain that those kids had the things they needed to give themselves the best chance at success. I am proud to be able to emphasize and support him on this occasion and gladly will support him as he continues to shine.

Kent Givens

Brandon Kimble was the Girls Varsity Basketball Coach at Henrico High School for three years. In that time he worked with several young ladies who had a very challenging time succeeding academically in High School. There is one girl in particular that Mr. Kimble took under his wing during her Freshman year. This girl took very little seriously, was often “roaming campus” and finding excuses to not be in class, and eventually failed off the team at the end of the first semester of her freshman year. Over the next year and a half Mr. Kimble’s relationship with this young lady was very intentional — some would even say he even served as a “father figure” to her. He not only told her that school was important, but he showed her how to be a successful student by help her time manage, carving out study time during the season, and conferencing frequently with her teachers and her mother. By the end of her sophomore year this young lady had transformed into a functional student athlete, worlds from where she had been just two years earlier, and much of this is change is attributed
to Mr. Kimble’s caring intentional he showed to her as her teacher and her coach.

Brandon Kimble lead a campus wide initiative while teaching at Henrico High School to bring Formula One Racing to our school. His Marketing students were fully on board to make this event happen. The project included a race car driver speaking at one of our pep rallies, many signs and announcements throughout campus, flyers, word of mouth advertising, and a “rap video” featuring our Principal. This is one example of Mr. Kimble’s initiative to make learning fun, productive, and engaging for all students involved.

Jeff Millner

You go beyond the call of duty as friend, more like a “younger brother.” When I was in a serious car accident last year, you came to the hospital early in the morning with clothes for me to wear home. In addition, you called several of our fraternity brothers and stayed around until some of our friends came to the room. With short notice, you have stepped to the plate and kept my son during times I had to work. We have had in-depth discussions on methods to save money, fatherhood, education, becoming stronger role models and better men. There are times that we go to various sporting events.

George Henderson – Dad

At one time Brandon was a showoff in class and did not make good grades. However, during his last two years in high school, he made a three hundred and sixty degree turn around. He made good grades and was praised by his teachers for his character and his academics. When he finished high school, he decided to attend college. He attended St. Paul’s College in Lawrenceville, Virginia. During his tenure at St. Paul’s College, he garnished many honors and did an outstanding job in academics. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science Degree, he decided that he would pursue the Master’s Degree. He enrolled in North Carolina Central University and did an outstanding job. He was praised by his professors and the department chair for his outstanding academic achievements. He graduated with honors. After that, he begins a career in teaching. 

Brandon Kimble, the man, has dedicated himself to the betterment of young black men. He is a very active member of the Richmond/Petersburg Chapter of North Carolina Central University Alumni Association. Brandon is a member of St. Stephens Episcopal Church. He is an active member of the Ransom/Patterson Men’s Club and is active overall in the church.

Brandon serves with organizations that mentor young black men and he mentor as well as teach young men of all races. One cannot say enough about his commitment to young men and women. The roots of his strong desire to help young people change the course of their lives stems from his youth. At one time he was at a cross road in his life and he made a decision that changed his life and he became a man. He is a man that I am very proud of and he is my son. Nothing could make me happier than the man he has become.

Logan Denno – Brother

Brandon Kimble at his best, that statement brings several things to mind but the one that’s most superlative is him as a coach. I have witnessed my big brother take charge of a group of young ladies by passionately demonstrating his expectations and then constructively critiquing to minimize mistakes. It was amazing to see the impact he had on the team even in practice, because the girls gave him their undivided attention and did exactly as told. Brandon showed me he was a great leader not by being loud and aggressive but by being assertive and precise. Brandon is a example to the youth and has committed himself to
something bigger than him, by mentoring young ladies on the game of life as well as basketball. I would say when he’s coaching youth and actively involved in sports he’s at his best, because it’s his passion and he’s giving it his all without a desire for a selfish gain.

Tonya Henderson – Sister

You demonstrate patience and understanding when interacting with your son. The examples are too many to pinpoint because every time I witness your interactions with Braylon, you are patient. Regardless of what he says or does, you never raise your voice to him. When correcting him, you are stern, but gentle. When disciplining him, you are firm and understanding. You never allow yourself to get rattled, but even if you do, it never shows. One example does stand out in my mind. Braylon was 2 or 3, and we were at church for Christmas Eve service. Braylon was talking loud, saying no, and playing with a loud toy. Instead of going ballistic as most parents would do, you firmly took him by the arm and led him to the fellowship hall where you disciplined him. To me, that showed great
strength of character and patience.

You have the ability to persevere regardless of the challenges and obstacles you face. For example, I think back to the time when your foster mom passed away. That kind of loss is hard and can be devastating. Instead of giving up on life, you persevered through the grief and finished high school. You also didn’t call it quits on your hopes, dreams, and future. You didn’t use your loss as an excuse to stay stagnant. You continued with your plans and applied for college. That entire situation showed me the inner strength and determination you embody. This strength and determination has remained with you throughout your life, and has helped you forge ahead despite the difficulties.

Toshera Friend-Kimble

Brandon has been a leader as long as I have known him. There are many times that I can share but the most significant would be the day his son was born. No longer was life about him but he had to take charge and be the leader in the house to his wife and son. There were many struggles to include anxiety about how to care for a child, how to afford the costs associated with, and an impending move to another state. Through it all, he led the family which lowered feelings of anxiousness amongst him wife and he remained “cool as a cucumber.” His ability to remain calm in stressful situations shows how much of a leader he is. As a leader you have to be like a swan in that you glide and remain posed while everything around you may be in chaos.